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You've been given fair warning: some of this stuff is abysmal. If you must read it, I'd start off with the stuff that was written most recently. Catalogued in descending order of the date posted, with most recent posts at the bottom. Ficlets are not archived, and can be found instead in my memories. Pairing is Brian/Justin unless otherwise noted.

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doctor who christmas special reaction. no spoilers.


Seriously, how can I be expected to wait another four months for more Eleven, Amy and Rory (<3)!

The Christmas Special was heart-warming and sweet and a little bit sad, just the way you want Christmas to feel.

Back to knitting things now. Note to self, need more Doctor Who icons.
qaf - twu wub

it's past 3am and i can't sleep.

Sometimes it's baffling to me that I wrote so much damn Queer as Folk fanfiction within the period of about 1.5 years, in 2004 and 2005. I've never been as involved in a fandom since, although with my copious amounts of free time (graduated from college, unemployed, it's an unnerving feeling), I still read a good amount of fanfiction. I miss it on occasion, that feeling of being so connected to my friends list, and in turn, all of us being riveted by the characters that two self-indulgent and rather poor storytellers had created. Basically, sometimes I miss Queer as Folk, but not even the show as much as what it represented to the online community which I became a part of.
merlin - arthur has a castle

making a valiant effort to avoid sleep

- my life is a series of bullet points because thinking in entire paragraphs is difficult when i'm on winter break. also capitalizing is hard.

- all my tv shows are currently on a break and it sucks so hard.

- i did take this opportunity however, to rewatch all of "white collar." matt bomer is so pretty, you guys. i made flaily arms to myself for about half of each episode, pretty much whenever he was on-screen or turned a certain way or spoke. it was glorious. that fall finale still makes my head hurt however. come back to me, "white collar"! january 19th seems so far away.

- i've been really awful lately, only eating about one meal a day, and it's usually pasta or some other carb. and then i've been languishing in bed, so i wouldn't be surprised if i've gained about a zillion pounds.

- am so bad at being productive, omg, mainly in real life type issues. gotta revise an original story so i can hopefully be accepted into an advanced fiction writing class, but have only revised about a page so far. also, need to write a personal statement for something i'm applying for, but the will to work eludes me still.